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Salam pembaca setia MHS semua...Surat terbuka seorang blogger buat YAB PM...Bacakanlah...

Yes I met the PM. Had some food and Teh tarik with him and a few people. I sat right opposite him for close to 2 hours.
And yes I felt honoured.
A few days ago I was invited to meet some people from the PM's Office regarding my views and writings. Together with some distinguished and respected online writers. And yes, I was very honoured to have been considered in the same category as them. It was supposed to be a low key meet up to ask our views and opinions.
But when I arrived, I was told the PM would be there.'s the important part....We were asked to ask the PM about anything. MH370, GST...anything..We were asked to air our viewpoints no matter how tough or sensitive it was. Directly to him. No script. No prep. No advisor.
And let me tell you something. I am not a fan of BN.. I think they have so much more room for improvements. But I left the place, if not a fan of BN, then a fan of the Man.
How is he like? He is a man. Humble and interestingly, a bit shy. He was kind and he was attentive. But the most important thing I liked about meeting him was...He was honest and sincere. About the failings around us. He did not hide or give excuses. Not 1 word to condemn anyone. He was responsible. And he was striving to correct those things. And that was what I wanted to know. That was all I needed to know.
I am not in awe of him. I am not in awe of anyone. Never have been. But respect... that I have alot of it now for him.
Of all the questions and topics we talked about...The one that will stay with me forever, is when he expressed the hurt and frustration he felt when our own people criticised and condemned the efforts of the government UNFAIRLY. He spoke about how things that should unite us is tearing us apart. But even in those words, I could hear in his voice, determination to overcome this and build a better nation.
How I wish each and every Malaysian could have had this opportunity.
It may not sway your opinion, as it has not swayed mine. But it would have given you a chance to truly understand what it was like to be in his shoes.
He is a man. A leader. A patriot. A Malaysian. I think that's what matters most. And for that I gave him a hug..

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