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Missing MH370: Fake reports caused by immature Malaysians, says expert

PETALING JAYA: Fake reports circulating social media about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is a problem caused by “immature” Malaysians.

“I don’t think social media is the problem. It’s the way people use it,” said Danny Gnaniah, Ceo of digital advertising and multimedia firm 4 Thirteen Media.

“Social media just intensifies the problem of Malaysians themselves,” said Gnaniah.
Gnaniah believes that Malaysians often tend to paint Malaysia in a bad light. 

“There are people who believe that everything Malaysian is not right, and that whatever the government is involved in is bad. This is not true. The authorities are doing everything they can,” he said.

“If anyone bothers to watch Aircrash Investigations, they would know that these things take a long time to solve,” said Gnaniah, citing the Air France flight 447 crash in June 2009, which took two years to find the black box.
“Malaysians are immature. This is a national disaster, we should be mourning not making jokes or spreading rumours,” said Gnaniah.

Gnaniah believes that there are some “very deep rooted problems with the people”. 
“Some Malaysians don’t behave like how people in other countries like the United States do in light of a tragedy. Americans would unite and share their grief, and support the forces. They are very patriotic. Some of us are not,” said Gnaniah.

Gnaniah said that most people don’t think about how fake reports affects the family of the passengers on board flight MH370.

“Malaysians love
rumours, even if they don’t check the authenticity of the information, they will share it online,” said Gnaniah.


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