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Karpal Singh married with Irence Fernandez 

Produced This Stupid Fellow..... Ambiga ...

I mean ....not in term of biological / chemical relations, but in terms of SCHOOL OF THOUGHT.... 

What are my justifications??? 

Karpal Ideas
In Karpal's head there is the idea of building up a secular country and he absolutely wants to see Prime Minister comes from non Malay 

Irene'S Over Action
So , in order to fulfil Karpal's ideas, Irene said , the relation between the two country (Malaysia-Indonesia) must be 'created' to be in trouble! So she make silly statement over maid Issue to create tension between two Malays Countries simultenously with Ambiga's action in Bersih 3.0! 

Ambiga's task
Ambiga is a mob puller and planner! Her task is to create tension within Malaysia...Creating a lot of  new Issues and Highlighting unImportant Issues by the name of Human Right! 


Malaysia in chaos! 

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