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Marina Mahathir on her latest statement has condemned PERKASA - (one of the ISLAMIC Malay NGO which fights for Malays and Islamic right in Malaysia ) as NGO that "talks so much rubbish". Marina's statement has ashamed her father's  struggle and tears in defending Islam and Malay's right in the country. MHS has seen this statement as a statement of ungrateful Muslim in a peaceful country. Marina's controversial statement in defending Kalimah Allah to be used by Christian would bring anger in Muslim community. 

For MHS, Marina's statement that contradicts with her father's efforts and struggles is not a surprise! 

As some people says: "Benih yang datang daripada Baka yang baik tak semestinya menjadi pokok yang sempurna!" It can be seen in Noah's family (Nabi Noh) alaihissalam while Noah Alaihissalam invited his son to join him to believe /  to have faith in Allah but his son refused and died  in a big flood ever happened in earth! 

News about Marina's statement.

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Kami tidak bertanggungjawab dengan komen anda. Silalah komen , jangan mengomel. MHS cadangkan agar tuan/puan gunakan nama tak kisah lah panggilan atau sebenar. Tak perlu lah pakai anonnymous/anon. itu lebih beretika...

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