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There is a popular modern saying: United we stand, divided we fall. This small phrase conveys a big message; the message of unity. Unity is very important in any society, any group and any organization in order to achieve the goals of that particular entity. And Islam stands atop when it comes to unity. Islam commands unity among its followers. Praying in congregation (and Friday prayers, Eid prayers etc.) is an example of advocacy of unity. Gathering of millions of Muslims every year in Makkah for performing Hajj in the lunar month of Dhul Hijjah is one of the greatest examples of unity being commanded by Islam.
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This unity of Muslims is something which worries the enemies of Islam. I was asked by a Non-Muslim colleague of mine about why Muslims have to pray at one time at one place, obviously referring to congregational prayers offered in Masjid and Hajj etc. And I could figure out a sense of worry in his question.
However, these worries are no more in the camps of enemies of Islam now. Instead, it is time for Muslims to worry about this. The reason is simple; there is no more unity among the Muslims and it is known to everyone. This lack of unity prompts the enemies of Islam to devise their strategies accordingly against Islam. But the irony is that Muslims remain unaware of their lack of unity. Either we are unaware of our lack of unity or we do not care about it. In either case, we stand on the losing end. Look at Malaysia context lah, brother.. .
Lack of unity among Muslims is one of the biggest issues that needs to be resolved by Muslim society. If a Muslim society is considered to be a body, then its unity is its health. And the reasons which do not let the unity stay firm are like the different diseases which attack the body and affect its health. There are lot of such diseases spreading at a rapid pace and if not treated at an appropriate stage, may prove to be fatal for the body (i.e. Muslim society).
A clinical way to cure a body from a disease is to diagnose the disease and the causes which lead to it. .

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