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Old habits die hard but some habits do more harm than good. Safety is the utmost concern of most and yet many are guilty of doing things that can jeopardise their safety or well-being.     
MHS looks at some of the common safety mistakes among us, in no particular order. 
1) Leaving valuable items on car seats
Smash-and-grab cases are rampant and yet many motorists are known to leave their belongings on car seats, making them an easy target. Refrain from carrying valuables while driving. If must, keep them in the boot or under the seats.

Whether due to carelessness or apathy, some of our habits can be a danger to our well-being

2)  Over sharing on social media
Many of us use social media for sharing information but some things are best kept underwraps.
Postings about going on long holidays can be an invitation to robbers. Refrain from sharing such information online. Also tweak the security settings and location-based apps, limiting the postings to a selected audience.

3) Leaving kids unsupervised in public places
Some may consider this to be the pinnacle of bad parenting but leaving a young child in a public place unsupervised is a risk to the child itself. Safety concerns including the trauma experienced by a child who is lost or risks being kidnapped or injured.

4) Exercising outdoors with earphones
Noise-cancelling headphones or devices that limit the hearing are discouraged when exercising outdoors. Not being able to hear oncoming cars or people who may be approaching you can put your life in danger.

Habits such as leaving handphones on tables when eating out are some of our bad habits that we have cultivated over the years

5) Leaving valuable items on tables in public places
Many people get complacent when in public places. Leaving the wallets, car keys and handphones on the table and deeply engrossed in conversations are common. Such practises open could give the thieves an opportunity to grab the items in only a blink of an eye. Best is to keep such belongings out of sight.

6) Rummaging for keys in car parks
Have the keys ready when approaching your vehicle, especially in carparks.  
Lone women drivers may be targets of criminals, especially when entering their cars in dark and deserted places. Having the keys in hand can limit the time spent in such vulnerable location. Additionally, keys can double-up as a weapon if attacked.

7) Using a single password for all accounts
From Facebook, emails to bank accounts, passwords on various platforms can be difficult to remember. However, taking the trouble to set and remember different passwords for different platforms is a small effort compared with the consequences of having the accounts hacked.

Driving while using a handphone, carrying too much cash, leaving valuables in your backpocket and using a single password for all accounts are some common mistakes

8) Using handphone while driving
Texting, watching videos, talking on handphone while driving can cause accidents. If you really have to make a call, use a hands free. Stop by the roadside if you have to answer the text messages.
9) Carrying unnecessary items when going out
Carry only essentials and limit amount of cash in your wallet when going out. Remove credit cards if you are heading to places where you won’t need them.  
10) Keeping valuables in backpocket
Placing belongings. especially wallets,  in backpocket is an invitation for pickpockets. Keeping the belongings hidden in the front pockets can minimise the chances of being a victim of pickpockets or having the items falling out of the pocket.
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